Why Retreats?

Retreats allows a break from day to day stress which we came across our daily life due to many causes. Retreats gives us time to put aside all the stress and think clearly how to manage situations and the resulting stress arising from them. Retreats gives us time to clear out the bad habits that we need to break like quit smoking, anger management and many more.

Retreats helps to reconnect with oneself and more connected to life's purpose. Retreats is a transformative experience that will provide time to strengthen, restore and heal. By giving more time to ones life and more focus and energy to yourself will help to advance physically and mentally. So come to Samdarshi Retreats and open to yourself with a great combination of meditation, breathing practices and in the good company of "satsang".

Samdarshi Retreats have world class teachers as well as good environment and are located in the heart of yoga capital of the world "Rishikesh". The location offers peace and calm and just by watching the "Ganga" flow and sitting in the banks of "Ganga" all the negative feelings of tension and sorrow flows out and vanish and will rejuvenate calm and restore peace. A peace with which we all are born and we became a child in the lap of mother nature.

"Samdarshi Retreat" has all the facilities to provide you a good experience in Retreat. The location is quiet away from traffic, rooms are clean and yoga hall is spacious as well as the cuisines are organic and sourced locally and fresh and all the combination of these provide a long lasting experience at Samdarshi Retreats.


Samdarshi was born in year 1961, and in the year 1983, he attained sanyas at Osho Commune, at pune, India. After practising yoga and meditation as well as various techniques, he became fully awakened to supreme conciousness on 2nd April 1990. After that he established Satya Sadhna Sansthan and Samdarshi Retreats is the part of it and is working under the Guru Samdarshi.

Under the guidance of Guru Ji the Samdarshi Retreats organizes the various retreat programs around the year on the bank of river Ganga at
Rishikesh:- The World Capital Of Yoga


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