Retreats are a modern answer to modern living. Going on a retreat means taking time away from your ordinary life and situation. It is a special time to give yourself some peace and calm.It means to leave everyday business for a few days (weekend-retreat) up to weeks. The goal is to let go of daily stress and problems, which is for some people more easy when concentrating on yoga-practice doing Asanas instead of pure meditation

Our Gurus



Guru Ji

Samdarshi is the spiritual master. A light on the path to awareness and the guide for inner researchers, now day many disciples and researchers for truth listen and follow him in his Ashram in India.
Samdarshi presently meets seekers in Rishikesh, Manali, Goa (in India) and tours Europe at various times of the year offering daily Satsang and answering seekers' questions.


Dhyan Tanmay

Yoga Guru

A certified, highly qualified and experienced Meditation & Yoga teacher who specializes in teaching Meditation ,Yoga, Pranayama (physical breathing) and Mind Training Techniques to students of diverse cultural backgrounds & nationalities.
He also utilizes effluent communication skills to establish individual needs and to prepare and deliver appropriate training and therapy plans.

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Samdarshi Retreats

Rishikesh, the sacred beautiful city in Northern India believed to be travelled by the Hindu gods and goddesses in ancient time, is an ideal destination for meditation and yoga retreats. Seated on the lap of Shivalik hills facing the magnificent Ganga is the Satya Sadhana Sansthan – Samdarshi Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center. The Ashram is regularly occupied by people round the globe who come to this holy land in search of peace and spiritual healing. People going through a big change in their life and seeking a way to cope with the change choose meditation and yoga retreat at Swami Samdarshi's Satya Sadhana Ashram and return back home with smiles and cheerful heart.
The meditation and yoga retreat is a psychological healing combined with deeper connection with physical body. The practitioner plunges inward her/his self and unfold the mysteries in self realizing the true meaning of life and gaining a skill on nurturing the self. These retreats allow the practitioner to explore reasons behind the major changes in her/his life, its importance and its value. The Samdarshi Retreat strengthens the capacity in an individual to detach from worldly pain and pleasure and live a peaceful life.